Martial Arts Development, Inc. (MAD, Inc. is a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) dojo offering traditional mixed martial arts (MMA) training and utilizing Web-based applications to live stream MMA classes as a value-added  feature to the dojo students.   As industry-changers, future MAD, Inc. plans include expanding the live streaming feature as the E-learning capabilities connect students with certified and highly-skilled instructors from various locations around the world, using social media channels (e.g. Twitter, Chat).

MAD, Inc. is also in a solid position to thrive in Brisbane, California as the target market is roughly two million people within a 50-mile radius.   No competition exists in the immediate 1.5 mile radius area of Brisbane.  In addition, MAD, Inc. fulfills a need within the Brisbane community as limited sports activity programs are available and community surveys indicate a strong MMA interest among Brisbane residents, especially among the 19% of the Brisbane population, which are residents younger than 19 years old and MAD, Inc.’s primary target market.   Keys to success include providing students with a first-class place to conduct MMA training, examinations, and other martial arts related encounters.  By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, live streaming features, and providing the finest MMA expertise, MAD, Inc. brings to the market a fresh, innovative perspective on B2C MMA Training.


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Traditional mixed martial arts training with live-streaming classes 

included at no extra charge.


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DOJO Schedule

  • Face-to-Face Training Sessions– $110.00 monthly (Kenpo Karate), $110.00 monthly (Eskrima Stick Fighting), & $110.00 monthly (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) rates for 2 face-to-face per week sessions lasting an hour each plus unlimited access to the live streaming features.  Plus a one-time $75 Registration Fee.
  • Live Streaming– $10.00 each access for non-registered students, pay as you go for e-lessons.
  • Belt Testing - Quarterly activity.  $15.00 testing fee/session/student and the fee has been designed to cover administrative fees considering an optimum size of 5 students tested/hour.
  • Private Lessons– Face to Face Sr. Instructor $60.00 and Jr. Instructor $45.00 and for Live Streaming private lessons Sr. Instructor $50.00 and Jr. instructors $35.00 per hour.